Monday, 12 March 2012

Welsh Rarebit, Spaghetti on Toast

From the Teas list

I'd never really considered that my Grandparents were chowing down on tinned spaghetti when they were younger than I am but there you go.  I'd also never made Welsh Rarebit before so that's another dish to add to my repertoire.

Here we have used an age old technique known as "mushing it all up and spreading it on toast."

Then we realised that there was an opportunity here that we didn't want to miss, so we set up the microscope and filmed a nice timelapse of all the cheese melting.

Now what would be nice here would be if I had the video from it, but that's Jez's department and I've no idea what happened to it, sorry! Rest assured it was extremely interesting.


Done! This tasted damned fine and was really easy and quick.

Alice x

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